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Need some Guidance with Latin for Children Primer A

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I am very excited to do this with my dd.  We both feel pretty excited about how much practice is included.  


However, I have a few questions:


1.  Do you watch the Entire Chapter on the DVD on the first day of the week/chapter? 

2.  I am confused about the portion in which the children sing the many conjugations of the verbs, with the English translations following. Are we supposed to memorize that chant in order in one day?  It seems like it doesn't make sense because it mixes up present and past tense.  It's also very long for an intro like that.  



We did watch the intro, but we got a little overwhelmed because I think it would take days and days for us to memorize that particular chant. 

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They don't expect you to memorize it in one day. I have two DC in LFC right now, a fifth grader and precocious 3rd grader. Mine watch the entire DVD lesson + the chanting portion again on day 1. On day 2 they chant with the DVD again, read the grammar portion in the primer, and do an activity book page. The rest of the week they'll just spend some time chanting straight from the memory page in their primer before they do any work (excluding quiz day). They do a mash of activities, workpage, and the derivative page for a few days, and end with the quiz. We take about 6-7 days to complete a lesson instead of a standard week, but they know their vocab really well and don't struggle with any of it.


About that declension right off the bat, the next lesson will practice just those endings, so you actually get two solid weeks before moving to the next one. Just jump in and you'll be a pro in no time. :)


Now I have -us -i -o -um -ooooooo! -i -orum -is -os -is! stuck in my head.

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Dd (10) just finished LFC Primer C yesterday!  So it is with some sadness that I can say we are done with it.  When we first started Primer A, it took a few weeks to get our groove.  Memorization is not dd's (or my) strong point so we had to spend more time practicing the chants and vocabulary than most.  This is how we broke up LFC over 4 days a week:


Monday: Put in the DVD but repeat the chant/vocab portion 3X while singing along then listen to the grammar portion of the DVD.  Dd would attempt the first exercise of the chapter knowing that she might miss some of the memory stuff the first time around.


Tuesday: Put in the CD and chant along 3X, do second exercise.


Wednesday:  Repeat DVD procedure from Monday expect skip the grammar if I felt dd was solid (which was very rare, actually), do third exercise.


Thursday: Repeat Tuesdays CD procedure and complete the quiz.


We bought the flashcards and ran through them or played games with them once or twice a week.   Halfway through Primer A, dd started the history reader translations and spent about 15-20 minutes a day translating in addition to the above.


The 3X thing was really important for dd.  The first few times of the new chapter often went partially over her head so we would often go through it once, turn off the DVD and go slower with the book, then go back to the DVD once more confident.


It does get easier.  Those first few chapters were quite the ride.

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