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WP's "The World Around Us" Science


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I'm trying to find any current users that can offer a review on this. I'm considering it for next year but just can't find a whole lot out about it, and I need some more details. I think it looks like what I'm looking for, but would like to hear from a real person. Please and thank you!

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I am not a current user but we loved it when we did it.  It's been revised since then though so I can't speak to how it is now.  

A little about our experience


We have the 2006 IG which uses The Kid's Science Book as a spine http://www.amazon.com/The-Kids-Science-Book-Experiences/dp/0913589888/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1397260768&sr=8-1&keywords=the+kids+science+book

It also used.. More Fun with Nature (4 books in one)
The Wonder in Water (Diane Swanson)

Solids, Liquids and Gases (Ontario Science Center)

The Night Sky

Exploring Light and Color (Heidi Gold-Dworkin - Little Scientist Series)

Energy Makes Things Happen 

Forces Make Things Move

We used it in 1st grade and really loved it.  You would read in The Kid's Science Book and one of the other books as applicable.  there were a LOT of hands on experiments or investigations and you recorded stuff in a Science Notebook.  We did nearly all the experiments/investigations and to this day (4th grade) most science programs have just been all the experiments we had already done that first year!  I do plan on doing it with my second child in first grade when he gets to first grade.

That being said, I think a couple of the books went out of print and they have changed the program.  So I hope you get some feedback from someone who has a revised IG.  

One thing I especially appreciated about the program was that it wasn't just one thing all year long.  It covered Observation Skills, Plant Life, Animal Life, Water, Air, Space, Rocks and the Earth, Light and Color and Energy and Forces.  I did add in movies like Magic School Bus and books from the library on each topic.  

Nancy Larson does this but it's very expensive.  Studies Weekly does it and it's cheap but not very in-depth.  

Hope that helps and you get a response from someone with a current IG!

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