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Scheduling Question: AG, Killgallon, Writing & Rhetoric, etc.

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I know it is early to be thinking about next year, but I start our school year in June. I plan on using Analytical Grammar, Killgallon Sentence/Paragraph Composing, and the 2 Writing & Rhetoric books that are set to come out. I opted for the AG over Rod&Staff since my son gets a pretty good dose of Shirley Grammar in Latin for Children and want to make sure we have time for things like Killgallon without overwhelming him.


I know I can go slowly with AG if I need to and only do 1/3 of the program next year. But I am confused as how I should schedule our language arts for the year. FLL was so easy to schedule. Since we'll be using AG on the young end (JAG just seemed like complete review of FLL 1-4) and plan on taking it slowly, I am not sure how many sentences to assign per day or how many days it should take us to complete a lesson.


Then throw in that I would like to add some Killgallon and I am completely at a loss as how to schedule all this for the year. My tight schedules keep me on task.


I know I need to have a vision for how this will work together (whether alternating or rotating, chunking, etc), because baby #5 is on the way! So, yes, I bought the AG videos! Thanks for your advice and help.

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The lessons in the Killgallon books are short enough that you could do a ten minute lesson each day and still get through both books by the end of the year. Another option is to alternate the W&R books with the Killgallon books...first do W&R book 3, then spend about half an hour a day on the Sentence composing book until you finish it, then do W&R book 4, then do the paragraph book.

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