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Magic Lens 1: grammar questions

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Okay, I'm such a grammar dope, I don't even know whether I'm wrong or the book is wrong.  So here are some fun grammar exercises for you from your friendly copy of Magic Lens 1 (MCT).  


  1. The geneticist's hobby was to study pathogenic substances.  The book says "pathogenic" is a noun.  I think it's an adjective.
  2. Cracked lengthwise, the object was discovered near the cascade.  The book says "cascade" is an adjective.  I think it's a noun.
  3. Closing the door helped to reduce the cacophony.  The book says cacophony is an adjective.  I say it's a noun.  


And finally this one:


Dr. Garcia, the new mortician, was mortified at the wound.  The book says "mortified" is an adjective.  Dd thinks "was mortified" is a passive verb phrase.  Can someone help me to distinguish the two?  Is there a good rule of thumb?  

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Whoa...That is in the regular grammar book (or in the practice book)?  Is that the older version or the newer?


This is all on page 135 of Magic Lens 1, third edition, 2011.  


ETA: The solutions are in the Home School Parent Answer Guide, also third ed. 2011, but it looks like it's the printing from July 2013.  #6, #11, #13 on p. 135.



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I wish they would have an errata page.


However, ds has gotten a good foundation with MCT even with the errors....I've just spent a lot of time searching the forums and old yahoo group.


Really wish they'd have an errata page....

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