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I need independent spelling for next year - anything like Reading Eggs but for spelling?

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We are going to have A LOT going on next year.  New K student, my VSL, dycalculiac is starting 9th grade  :scared: , I have one entering middle school, and we have a heavy literature and project based year planned. I do not have the time nor inclination for a teacher intensive spelling program for my 3rd grader.  


He is going through the spelling rules in Phonics Pathways right now and it is working all right, except that it's taking a lot of time from me. He asked if there was anything he could do on the computer that was more "fun". 


If I can't find a complete spelling program on the computer or even dvd based then I'm not opposed to a workbook but I'd need something colorful and indepedent. I've looked at Spelling City and Big IQ kids but I don't want something that I have to enter lists for.  I want something complete and rules based. 


Any ideas?

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It's a little early to tell but overall I'd say he spells most words he encounters on a day to day basis correctly, however he's just starting to write independently.  3, 4 and some 5 letter words are correctly spelled, most words with ing, er, ed endings he can handle.  Any word that's spelled phonetically he can sound his way through correctly. 

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I've tried R&S before.  Too much CC for me.  


I'll look at Spelling Workout.




Any suggestions for anything online?

What is CC?  Christian Content?  Common Core?


I am wondering about "independent" spelling as well, so I'll like to hear what other's say.  Our current compromise is to combine, even though that means one of my children will more more slowly than she would otherwise.  But she doesn't mind, so it works. ;)

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We love ACE Word Building if we need an independent spelling year. My sociable sue dd loves it because she can do it with no problems and feels quite successful.


Spelling workout did NoT have enough practice at all for my kids.


ACE has all the practice and all the teaching completely 100% in the book. With tons of practice. They review phonics as well.


You just have to overlook the somewhat strange un-PC comics which are meant to teach Christian character but half of them just make my children roll their eyes because they over stereotype characters to a point of ridiculousness. However some of the are cute.

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What is CC?  Christian Content? 



Sorry...yes, Christian content.  I need to remember to stop using "CC" now that common core is such a topic of conversation. 


I'll look at SS and PZ.  I used SS with another child years ago (didn't work for her due to some LDs), but I didn't know they had a dvd.  

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Yes, my daughter (6th grade) did it last year. Before I bought it I requested a word list for each grade bc I wasn't sure about her level.




Spelling actually got done each day

Review is built in each week

If she missed a word, it kept popping up in later lessons



One of the review games was frustrating because you had to "catch" a word falling from the sky, and they fell too fast

You can't skip ahead. This was the biggest con for us bc she was ready to move on but still had to go through all the games/lessons

The graphics were aimed at younger kids, so my daughter was a little insulted that I was having her do a program she thought was too babyish. The words for each grade level were appropriate though.We were able to skip most of the childish intro each day


Overall, I think it's a good program if you need something independent.

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