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if you make photo books on Shutterfly....I have a couple questions?


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I am trying not to use their "specialty" backgrounds and stickers...trying to keep the book as inexpensive as possible...but now after completing 2 whole books, and having started 2 more...I am getting the feeling that they are going to begin to look very similar....


I mean, there are very limited "stickers"....to add...at least those I wanted.  Maybe I am not looking in the right spot, maybe I am stuck on the liking the same colors of backgrounds, layouts, etc....



How do you all keep your books looking different and unique? 

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I've made 3 Shutterfly books of my travels to Africa (Uganda and Kenya) and 1 of a trip to Hawaii (our 25th anniversary trip).


I have 3 that have 'photo' covers and 1 that has a leather cover (with cut out for photo).  All are different sizes and have a different number of pages.  The books with photo covers have different layouts-- the Hawaii book has a waterfall on the cover (full page), one book has a red cover with a several photos and another has a half page photo with a title...


All 4 include journaling.  One book has many safari pictures in it and I only used black for the background-- it really makes the colors brighter/more intense. I used mostly black backgrounds with my Hawaii book for the same reason.  With the other two I chose neutral colors for the background with one book using more 'textures'.


I'm not a fan of stickers.  My books have a more 'story book' feel (over a 'scrap book' feel).


I've been fine with the basic 'supplies' (layouts and backgrounds).  I'm thinking about doing memory books for my girls-- I may use some of the specialty items then...



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I've made about four so far, and two I used with the basic and two with the specialty.  As I became more comfortable with their site I wanted to try different things.  I will say that they OFTEN have specials.  I think I only paid full-price for the first one I made, and after that found 30% off or more coupons.  I even found some "free" coupons for a basic book with a limited number of pages.  I've given those to my kids.



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Their StoryTelling backgrounds cost more, but they have tons of regular backgrounds.  You just have to look for them.  If they are marked ST, don't use them.


It's also nice to vary the number of pictures and of course, then the layout varies.  


I rarely use the stickers.


You can change the font style and size, too.  That's helpful.


Make sure you are on their mailing list.  A few times a year, there are 50% off specials.  And once in a while, they send free book coupons.  Plus, they are always having some percent off special after another.  I hold out for the 50%.

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