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XPost: 2nd year of Algebra 1

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My dd is in 8th but going to have a transition year before starting 9th grade. She has been using TT Algebra 1 this year and used Saxon 7/6 & 8/7 the previous years. She is doing really well in the math department.... Still think she needs another round of algebra that will be different from TT.


I'm not against Saxon even though I know she isn't jumping for joy to use it. She does get a bit annoyed with the incremental lessons.....

I know I have posted before about BJU Algebra, but have decided against that.

I'm aware of the lists of algebra texts and resources out there, so could anyone recommend an Alg.to use after coming out of TT?.... I'd like to choose something that will set her up for the rest of her high school years. She does well in math and gets it..... But doesn't like it..... She's not going to compete in any sort of math competition..... I just want something solid, long term, and simple for me to follow and grade. (And preferably lecture videos)


Also, if going with Saxon becomes our plan, what do you write as far as descriptions/courses on transcript? Since it is so integrated. (And we most likely will use a geometry text or TT for 9th instead of moving on to algebra II.


Thanks everyone for popping in!


Here is my post and responses on the Logic middle grades board!


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With some searching, I found that Kinsa had posted some Saxon Course Descriptions here:


Opinions? Course descriptions for Saxon


For my daughter, we used Margaret Lial's books for Algebra 1 and 2 and Harold Jacobs' book for Geometry.  Here are a couple of the course descriptions that I wrote:


Algebra 2
A comprehensive course covering: linear equations and inequalities, graphs and functions, polynomials and factoring, rational expressions, rational equations and functions, radicals, complex numbers, linear models, the conic sections, systems of equations including matrix methods, and exponential and logarithmic functions.
(Class taken at home in 10th grade.) Awarded 1.00 credits.

This classical geometry course is heavily dependent on deductive reasoning and the proof writing process and also relies on compass-and-straight-edge constructions. Topics include points, lines, planes; rays and angles; congruent triangles; geometric inequalities, parallel lines; quadrilaterals; transformations; area; similarity; right triangles; circles, concurrence theorems; regular polygons and the circle; geometric solids, non-Euclidean geometry and coordinate geometry.
(Class taken at home in 9th grade.) Awarded 1.00 credits.




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