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Dr Hive... are you a vet too? Cat question


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Our cats are indoor cats, however we have been having some issues with our boy breaking out by tearing through screens. We are in the process of dealing with it, we are lead training him and we have the petmesh screens here to replace all our windows with this weekend. Nonetheless, he got out for half an hour this evening.


We didn't know he was out, then my husband heard a yowl. He went to open the door and pick up our cat, and he was struggling hard to get INSIDE. He was panting heavily, open mouthed at times. Within a short period he had brown sludgy stuff in the corners of his eyes, I don't think it's the 'normal' type of brown tear staining (he doesn't have any staining or brown tears usually, this was sudden, and there's a fair bit). It kind of looks muddy with a slimy consistency that meant the whole string of goop came off his face together. It has some red flecks but is very greenish brown.


20 minutes later he is still panting, and just lying there, but he seems completely alert. We would usually assume he just got in a tiff with a local stray but we can find no markings on him whatsoever, no blood or missing hair, and we have just, this afternoon, discovered an infestation of a form of golden orb spiders (we don't think they're terribly poisonous but they're not harmless either). We can't find a bite but, considering all the fur, I'd be surprised if we did. There are no other symptoms, no disorientation, or vomiting, or anything else at all.


It is 7pm on a friday night here, so a vet is not a preference, we have considered pet insurance but haven't got it yet so it would be costly to go to the after hours vet. However we will take him into somewhere if we need to. We are watching him closely, but without more than panting and brown eye discharge I am inclined to think the best course of action is simply to watch him over the next few hours. DH on the other hand is freaking out. Opinions?

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Oh, no!

I'm not sure how things work where you are. Our vet gives the option of applying for Care Credit (a specialty credit card that's 0% interest for a specific length of time, relative to the amount charged) or an automatic payment plan.

For us, the after hours charge is $250 in addition to whatever they need to do.


I really don't know what I would do in your case, but I think I'd be leaning toward the vet. 

Is your cat up to date on vaccinations?

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If one of my cats had those symptoms, they'd go straight to the vet. Is it possible he was hit by a car? They don't always have outward marks from that, but there can be a lot of internal damage.


I hope he's okay.

Being hit by a car was my first thought, too. :(


I hope he's all right.

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Its 7:30am now.


We watched him but he just didn't show any other signs of anything. No favouring one side, no meowing, no licking any particular area, no vomiting or blood. He stopped panting after about 45 mins of being inside, and his eyes cleared up after a couple of hours.


He's just jumped up on the bed to say good morning. He seems happy, normal, bright and alert. Dh massaged him and he feels soft and didn't react to pressure anywhere. I'll get dh to check the litter box in a minute.


So, he obviously got a fright but he seems to be just fine. I'll keep an eye on him for rashes etc but I think if it were anything more serious he would be showing us some sign by now. Maybe he got an ant bite or something, we have some pretty painful ones here. Or maybe he had a near miss on the road.


Definitely getting those flyscreens switched over this weekend.

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