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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Happy anniversary Tammy and dh :party:


My plan for the day:

--school (she owes me an outline for her research paper today (due by her teacher on Sunday). If I don't approve, she will have to do all her English next week at the kitchen table bwahahaha)

--pick up shrimp for dinner and pansies for the heard

--not sure about exercise today

--pick up dd19 at 3

--help her set up for the drama club's performance at 5:30 (the club she runs for middle schoolers)

--dd14 ballet 6:30-8 (guess dh will drive her there since I'll be across town)

--squeeze in some gardening/yard work

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School lite
Laundry going
Supper in the crockpot
#1 to library this afternoon
I wanted to take pics of #2 in the bluebonnets but he woke up with either his allergies in full force or a cold. He's a little whiny today :(

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Good morning! Dh is home today, he caught the bug that has gone through the house. Cough, slightly stuffed up, and laryngitis. Seems to last about a week, with no fever and not ever really feeling too sick.


I have a few annoying things to do. First, stop at dr.'s office because I gave them the wrong insurance card. Two, stop at the pharmacy to give them the right card.

Mail some bills, pay for a missing book at the library. School needs to be done, chores need to be done. Hmm, laundry as well.


By Friday, my desk has exploded in paper, so I need to clean a bit and get sorted for the rest of the week.


Hoo boy, the house is full of complaining and hacking people. I wonder how long the above errands can take?

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Human care done

Pet care done

Dinner in the crockpot already!

One load of laundry done.

2nd load in washer and ready to be put in the dryer.

Ds delivered to his volunteer job - late because we totally forgot about it but he'll just stay later to make up the time.

PT called to say that insurance has authorized 6 more visits and can I come in today!


Today is going well.  Rock on!  

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Good morning! It's still morning here on the Left Coast. We had a minimum day here for school and the kids are already bored and driving me crazy. All DS1 wants to do is make a mess and I'm not letting him, so now he's mad. I wouldn't mind the mess so much, but when I do get after him enough to clean it up he does a lousy job and then I either have to stand there and point out every little thing, or do it myself. Either way I am in for a pain the neck. But of course if I explain this to him on the outset he swears up and down that he will clean everything up.... Blah, blah, blah, bah, blah! So now, I just say "no!" I have had it with these children. I am about ready to sell them to the next band of traveling gypsies! It doesn't help that I feel lousy. Still dealing with this yeast infection and I don't have a car this week, so I can't go to the doctor. And I don't really want to go to the doctor. But, I think I may end up doing so next week if I can't shake this.


Geez, am I throwing a pity party, or what?

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Happy anniversary, Tammy! 


Jen-prayers for you all!




I couldn't find the thread this morning, but I'm finally here.




pack up stuff for co-op

go to co-op

come home from co-op


To Do:

put stuff from co-op away

assess laundry situation

see if dd wants me to go over anything else before the big ACT day tomorrow

tidy house


play Risk with the family (the board has been sitting in our living room for 3 days)

go to bed early 



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Thanks guys!  After the morning moaning, people are feeling better. Dh is hit with allergies as well, so I do feel for him. I finished my errands and saved $70 by giving the pharmacy the right insurance card. Yay!


It is a beautiful day and we are enjoying the sunshine, even our cranky parakeet seems pleased.


Have a great afternoon!

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So far- dropped off 2 kids with sil to spend the day

mil picked up 2 oldest to go see Capt America

Pulled out something to thaw for dinner

lunch for me and littles

came to and have just the 3 littlest...went to Tractor Supply for get stuff for the chickens


Still to do: (to be done between 3 and 5/5:30!)

Go to see midwife--with as little kids as possible

Hear all about the girls day with sil

hear the boys account/review of the movie

coordinate with mil about tomorrows plans

fold the 5-6 loads of laundry that I keep hiding from (this is why I had kids..For THEM to do the folding/putting away!...muaha)

actually make the dinner

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Ok, I'm feeling better now. It's amazing what procuring a last minute babysitter and anticipating a date with dh tonight can do to one's morale. Even though said date will consist of dinner at the hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant we like, a walk down our towns Rails-to-Trails walking/bike path and grocery shopping at Walmart so I don't have to go tomorrow.


I have accomplished today...

** school is done (what little we had to do)

** cleaned up my herb garden a bit. The oregano had taken over and so had the parsley. I unearthed the thyme, killed some snails and transplanted a bit of allysum to make it pretty. Now I need to get some more herbs in there.

** birthday cake for dd2 is in the oven.


Plans for the afternoon....

** fold laundry

** experiment with a recipe for rye bread. I have never made rye bread.

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Procedure went well, was gone a total 6.5 hours and 2.5 hours of that was drive time :) took a good long nap with dd2 and feel pretty good. Now I think for the rest of the day I will plan out our garden (will be getting the stuff for my birthday :)), read about getting some chickens and other homesteadish things.

I want to be as self sufficient as we can on our land, it isn't much right now because we have too many trees (so no corn, wheat or anything larger than a goat or pig)

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Called HP and was basically told that I was out of luck and to buy a new printer.  I'm going to try one more thing on my own.


Went to PT.  I love my PT!  


Took the kids to McDonalds.  Yeah, I know.  Not that healthy but dd is starting to call me Warden for keeping her in (she's sick) and I wanted to pick up a treat for her.



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