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My parents neighbor paid them an interesting visit today and mentioned some things for me


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I haven't done more then wave to the neighbor for at least 6 months so he has no idea of my situation.

First and I don't know why but he mentioned that if I make less then $15k a year then I should check out the res (Indian reservation) food bank for commodities since we live on the res. I had no idea it even existed so yes I will be checking it out because heaven knows we need any help we can get right now but the most interesting thing is...


There is an 18 acre plot of land with a mobile home on it right next to my parents and said neighbor. Its a nice piece of land and I've been oogling it ever since we got here, even my parents want to buy the land but can't afford it. I've had plans for the land since the moment I saw it. Ol Mrs Rusty finally passed away a few months ago and the place has been for sale and no takers. I called the reality place and asked about a land contact or similar and they flat out said no. Well, funny thing, according to the neighbor the owner says he's open to it with zero down and 3% interest, I hate interest but I'd suck it up for this place because I can do a lot with this land. My neighbor came over out of the blue to talk to my parents today and brought this stuff up to tell me. I'll be having a nice little chat with my old neighbor in the morning I hope.



I would LOVE to have this place so I would be grateful for any prayers or positive thoughts/vibes. I figured we would be stuck going back to the city in the next month but if I could get this place... I could even afford the mortgage for this place on what little we make.


The land itself is profitable with a mature orchard, hay fields and grazing areas, I have no doubt I could turn a profit on this land and its right on a busy highway where I could open a fruit stand for summer income (we live in a food desert and unless you grow your own its a 30 min drive for overpriced produce that wilts in a week or less). This place is the ideal set up for what I want, well minus the mobile home but we could survive in it for a few years while I got everything cleaned up and back in good order, she wasn't able to take care of the land the past few years and its gotten overgrown.


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I hope everything works out for you. It sounds like good vibes and positive thoughts are streaming your way anyway. What kinds of produce would you be growing?


Pretty much everything:) Tomatoes, lettuces, beans, cucumbers, herbs, squash, zucchini, potatoes, garlic, chives, ect. Stuff we like to eat but is to darn expensive, especially when you have to drive 30 min to get it and it wilts in days.

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What is the water situation like on the land? Also, do you need to check out any zoning or health dept rules that could cause problems for your roadside stand? Have you been involved in farming or agriculture before?


I ask these things not to discourage you, but to help. If you don't have experience in these areas, there is a huge learning curve and I would hate to see anyone get in over their heads, depending on income they might not be able to realize.


If you do have experience, you might also want to consider checking into local farmer's markets. In addition, there are a lot of native American varieties of heirloom vegetables that might do especially well in your particular area. Are you familiar with Joel Salatin's books? He advocates maximizing and layering production. Definitely read his Pastured Poultry Profits if you are considering chickens.

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If you live on the reservation, PLEASE check out any and all social service programs that might help you.  They offer commodities in our area and you get an amount based on your family size.  There might also be some funding for the land, etc. through their housing agency.


Also, an FYI, if anyone in your family is a registered member of a federally recognized tribe, there are huge new benefits for health insurance.  My dh was able to buy a very low level plan with a subsidy and he has NO copays, NO deductible, etc.


Every tribe/reservation is different but please go talk to them about any food, health care, housing, etc. needs you have.  In our area (and it might be federal) Native Americans get free college tuition and trade schools as well.

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