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Sharing LA plan through 8, public domain


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I had posted some time ago that we had to pretty much eliminate our budget for school materials for this next year. I mentioned I would post what I figured out, once I had. Maybe it will help someone in a similar position. Below is a 'map', but I only have LA at this point. I feel better having thought through a plan, even though I imagine it will change over time. For whatever reason, my computer won't insert links, so I've just listed title/author for archive.org.


K and 1

LoE phonogram flashcards. Learn handwriting as phonograms are learned. Find phonograms in read aloud. Progressive Phonics, then 'shared reading' as done in Progressive Phonics. Copy short sentences from Progressive Phonics.



Review correct letter formation on whiteboard and teach cursive.

Narrate Book of Virtues. Copy narration and illustrate.

With Pencil and Pen- archive

Modern Speller 2, first book- archive

syllable readers- links are from thephonicspage



Review correct handwriting on whiteboard.

Language Readers 3- Baker and Carpenter on archive. These are English and reader in one, sort of like LLTL

Modern Speller 3, archive

creative prompt once a month

writing projects in faith



Language Readers 4

Modern Speller 4

creative prompt once a month

writing projects in history and science

2 book reviews



Language Readers 5

Modern Speller 5

creative prompt once a month

writing projects in history

2 book reviews



Language Readers 6

Modern Speller 6

creative prompt once a month

writing in history and science

2 book reviews



Elson Readers 7, archive

School Composition- Maxwell, archive

Derivatives of Words- Hyde, archive

writing in history and science

2 book analysis papers



Elson Readers 8, archive (but I have my grandmother's...how cool!)

Writing in English- Maxwell, archive

Harvey's Revised or Maxwell's grammar

2 books analysis papers


Anyway, maybe that can help someone who is budget-less. We are enjoying the materials we are using now.



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Bumping.  Thank you for sharing your work.


BTW, when I had problems inserting links on this board (with IE), I switched to a new browser (Firefox) and now it works fine.  :001_smile:


Thank you! I thought it was me, as I am very technologically challenged, but it seemed to be more than that. Will try different browser.

Oh- and you're welcome!

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