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Math: 5th and pre algebra BJU

Guest Aprillynn

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Guest Aprillynn

Hi, this is my first post here! I've been reading these forums for years gleaning insight through our years of schooling. I've got a math dilemma this year, however, that I haven't been able to find the answer to.

First, my rising 5th grader. This year for 4th, she did TT 4. I do not want to use TT again. I know many are happy with it, but I feel like it's put her behind by a good bit. I'd like to use BJU, as I think she would benefit from a curriculum that doesn't spiral quite as much (she gets annoyed with how the lessons jump around). Does anyone have experience going from TT to BJU? If we dropped back to grade 4, and continued with BJU through middle school as well, it would have her not starting algebra until 10th grade. Does grade 5 have enough review in it that she could catch up pretty quickly?

Second, I have the same scenario with my rising 8th grader. He too TT prealgebra this year. I do not feel like he is prepared for algebra. (Beginning with algebra I outsource my kids to a local co-op class, which uses prentice hall algebra). I want to do another year of pre algebra. He hates saxon (used 5/4 and 6/5 before TT). I am considering BJU. I am not a mathy person, (which is why I outsource beginning with algebra), so I am wondering how challenging it is to teach? Do you foresee any issues moving into BJU pre algebra? I want him to have a really good foundation for algebra, as he's probably my one kid who ,hit end up in a math/science field.

BTW, I've also looked at Christian Light for both of them, but think it's more of that incremental spiral approach I'm trying to get away from.

Thanks in advance for any responses.
April G.

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