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Help me choose which to use for LA & Science


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I'm trying to decide which route to take for reading for my 7 year old DD who still struggles with fluency. We just finished AAR 1 and it wasn't a good fit for us, so now I'm trying to decide between RLTL and Phonics Pathways. I also bought a few pathway readers and am planning to purchase the ALS readers to go along with whichever program I choose.


I'm also stumped for science. I used apologia astronomy this year and really wish I would have waited until my children were a bit older. So, for next year, I'm trying to decide between Queens and SCM 106 days. Can anyone share their opinion of either one for me?


Thank you!

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For Phonics I suggest doing something along the Montessori Route if you think you can do it.  There are many Montessori distributors out there I happen to be partial to ETC Montessori because they are awesome and there customer service is phenomenal so that is what I am going to paste here.


This is a link to the recommended path (its a new site so the links aren't working yet to get from there to the curriculum) http://www.montessorireadingseries.com/emergent-reading-curriculum.html


Then here is what I would suggest starting with:  http://www.etcmontessorionline.com/curriculum-bundles/language-reading-bundles/complete-reading-series


Again they are pricey so I would look at other retailers if you are not a nut job like me.  LOL


For Science at such a young age why not just read and do research using books like The Burgess Animal Book for Children or The Burgess Bird Book for Children, If you are Christians you may love The Storybook of Science (we are not and we love it & there are 3 books in this series), The Secret of Everyday Things and The Wonder book of Chemistry (Yesterday's Classics).  Such fun.  Another awesome one is The Nature Study book by Comstock.  We go on a walk around the neighborhood once a week at least.  She takes a camera and a bucket.  Takes pictures and picks up sticks, seeds, flowers etc. Then we spend the week investigating them, pressing flowers or setting up a nature display.  Videos at the library or online.  That type of thing.  


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