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How do you supplement with extras

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Well, I use work boxes, even with the oldest and many "extras" go in there. So 1 drawer has a workbook I made up (proclick) for logic and 1 for grammar editing. They do 2 pages per book/week, their choice. They do these drawers while I work with my youngest 2. I did have Zaccaro in one of the drawers for a while. We would do the sample during our together time, then he would work the rest out on notebook paper.

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We school for about 6-7 hours a day and I just don't know how to fit more in, either. I feel like we run full-tilt all day. And yet, here I am planning next year and wanting to add more. There's just so much to be learned! Ahhh! I had to make a vow earlier today not to open any curriculum threads for the next 3 months.


I like a PP's idea of having a General Skills subject and rotating things different odds and ends through that.

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I am only homeschooling one and that makes a huge difference. We don't do any tutorials or anything that regularly takes us out of the house before 3:00 M-Th. We often also do a little something on Saturdays because my dh works every Saturday. So, if ds has nowhere to go and nothing to do, he will just play video games all day. I will just say that he needs to take a 30min break to read or hop on Khan math to something. When I had three at home, an extra student, and we were involved in a tutorial, the days felt much shorter. ;)



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