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Stick w/ MiF or Switch to MM


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Well, as I posted in my other thread I'm using MiF with my 1st grader. She likes it for the most part because she really enjoys the workbook with all the pictures. She doesn't like the textbook however and is rather annoyed when I try to go over things in it with her. She does get frustrated at times with the harder concepts. As a teacher I feel uncertain at times teaching it and I'm sure that will only intensify, without using the actual teacher's book I'm worried that I'm missing something yet the price for the TM are quite expensive. I worry in the future as the concepts and work become more advanced that it will perhaps become too much as she tends towards frustration easily.


Because of all of this I'm considering MM for next year. I think she will like the explanation in the text and will enjoy the ability to be a bit more independent (or at least it appears that independence will likely be easier a bit earlier w/ MM vs. MiF). I will quite like having a program that it is not quite as teacher intensive  and a bit more simple in implementation(especially with 2 more coming).. My concern of course is that she will find it boring. I'm also worried that I'm selling her short on rigor and that challenging her more would be good practice for her (of course the consideration of rigor from MM to MiF is quite subjective and I'm not quite sure from reading what would be considered the most rigorous of the two). She likes things that are incremental with no big leaps and it seems MM certainly fits the bill in that regard. 


Thoughts? Perhaps I should try her out in MM this summer and see how it goes? Of course now that I'm considering switching I'm wondering if it is worth it to finish MiF 1 or perhaps I should consider switching up now filling in whatever gaps we have left for the year w/ MM to make the transition easier. However, I'm also rather wreary of switching with her as it has been hard to find something that fits her and I don't want us to end up behind. I'd really like to find something and be able to just stick with it.

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Thanks for your thoughts Wendy. I've thought about it some more and looked through MM again. For now I believe we will stick with MiF. She is really doing pretty well with it and she hasn't been stuck any more than my ds was at certain points and I used an entirely different programs with him. She really likes it as well, which is saying something as I tried several other programs and she pretty much despised them. I need to familiarize myself with the books more so I feel more comfortable teaching them. It is just going to be an adjustment for me as I am learning something new but I'm going to need to do that no matter what we decide to go with, might as well settle down now. 

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