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Chess Game Analysis

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If you have kids that play chess and have their games analyzed, could you share the names of any apps/programs or websites you use?   Free or as close to

free as possible.

I am unable to help him and other than hiring a chess coach, I don't know how to help with his game.



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There's a way to analyze a game with ChessMaster.  I think you go in and set it up where you're going to play yourself.  This allows you or ds to input both his moves and his opponent's moves.  Then I can't remember exactly what option you want - mentor lines?  chess coach?  But I think it will tell you the best move, 2nd best move and so on.  Usually if your move wasn't the best one, you'll see it somewhere down the list.  My dh used to do this some with the kids, going over their games.  They would set up a real chess board to reenact the moves; he would set up the computer where he could see the analysis and they couldn't and he would input the moves.  Then they would discuss the best moves according to Chessmaster. 

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There is a web site called chess.com.  It's basic level is free and all my kids use it often for playing chess, looking at tactics, and watching some games of grandmaster competition.  If I remember correctly, they have controls which you can set to block discussions between players. 


ChessTempo.com offers some minimal stuff free - tactics and end game stuff.  I think it cost $20. for a "silver" membership. One of my sons, my 11 yo, paid for silver membership on here out of his own money and he really enjoys it.


My kids also play a lot of chess on a web site called ICC or Internet Chess Club. You have to pay for that, but if you can prove your son is a child, you get two years for the price of one.  It's not bad. ICC has a way to analyze games - it might even be available free download. I think it is called Dasher.  I don't know for certain and my boys are in bed.


Chess Master is great software, but is now a few years old.  I don't believe they give support for it any longer, but my kids still use it on our computers from time to time.  Our computers have windows 7 and windows 8.1, but there is no guarantee that it will work on newer computers.


Also, you might check your state's chess association or federation. Often it will offer some resources or advice for scholastic chess.


Hope this helps a little!!


We take chess seriously at our house and compete in Open tournaments fairly frequently.  Let me know if I can answer any other questions.

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We have a membership to ChessKid.com and he likes watching the instructional videos.   He is also in a chess club.    He is just starting to learn notation so I was wanting to input his games and see

what went right or wrong.   Chessmaster (what I found) was over $200.    Someone suggested the Shredder app but I shudder at the thought of doing a lot of work on a small iPod screen.  I'll check into some on those mentioned.

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The last time we pur hased ChessMaster it was the Grandmaster version in 2012.

They haven't updated it, but it really is great! Too bad it has become so expensive.


Fritz is a good analysis program. But not usually very interesting for young children. I may have purchased it (Fritz 13) from the US Chess Federation or from Wholesale chess, I am not sure. I think we paid around $70.


OK my son tells me you can go to Google play and download STOCKFISH 4 which is a chess engine. You need another app to go with it and will be prompted to download that also. He is not entirely sure about the prompt. We are at a tournament this weekend. I will try to get back to you.

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