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If y'all are missing me...

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I've had some kind of bug giving me a fever on and off for three days now.  About the time I think I'm better, whoosh I'm back to loony land again.  It's starting up again, so I think I'm going to bite the bullet and go watch another season of Doc Martin on the amazon fire tv.  There's nothing to make you feel so normal as a season of Doc Martin...   :lol:   (He's aspie btw and very successful.  He seems pretty normal to me, but the whole show is predicated on the way his differences rub people the wrong way and create pickles.)


Meanwhile we're working on Jenn's suggestions on night time pottying and creating a path for dd to go to... drum roll... culinary school!  Well nothing fancy, just the local cc, and of course only if she wants to.  It's an interesting path though and fun to think about.



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I'm back after watching the youtube video about Doc Martin and Aspergers and I have to say some things look very familiar. ;)

There are 6 seasons to keep you quite busy...  Fun stuff!  (There's one episode where you need to close your eyes, oops.)  

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Thanks for the warning. Dd was very interested and came over to the computer while I was checking it out. :)

Don't worry, it's a later episode in season 4 I think.  Doc Martin comes in on his aunt making out with a guy in the kitchen.  You don't see flesh, but it's a little educational and something I sure didn't need to see, yuck.  



I hope you are well soon. Have fun and get plenty of rest.


I loved Doc Martin, except for the anti-feminist and anti natural childbirth aspects.

It is fascinating how many social topics they manage to weave in, isn't it?  They've hit on mental health, vaccines, birth, nutrition, smoking, depression, alcoholism, feminism, big city/small city.  The vaccine thing obviously they were pretty b&w on.  With the home birth and midwife, I thought it wasn't so much that they were slamming it as they were having fun with it. There ARE midwives like that, and they were just playing it up.  



Rest, rest, rest so that you'll be ready for convention. :-) Doc Martin is fun. I don't get to watch it regularly, but we tune in once in a while.

Oh my, you're right, it is getting closer!  All our plans and ideas rearranged with this culinary school idea, so I don't even know where I stand, what I need from the convention, what I'm going to hear or look at. You ought to see the pages of chicken scratch I made charting everything out, hilarious. (this at home, this DE, etc.)  Ds is turning out to be such an odd chicken, needing his Ronit Bird and lots of one-on-one work on the reading. This crazy bug feels like it's trying to settle into my lungs and turn into a cough.  Crazy thing.  So yes, I will continue chugging the C so I can be perky for the convention!   :)

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