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It's that kind of day...


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It's the kind of day where everything is going well with us...  I didn't get enough sleep and I feel crazy busy.  And then I found out that a family friend's wife and child died in a car accident last night.  And another friend told me her husband revealed he is gay and thinks that God told him to leave her and their children.


I feel both sad for them and....  sort of relieved and grateful for everything that's going right in our lives right now.


What do you say to people in situations like that?

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What can you say?  I don't think that there are any words that can anything ok in those situations.


So you say "I am so sorry" or whatever comes naturally to you that means that, and then you listen, maybe share a hug.  Maybe cry together.  And you honour your gratitude for your own good fortunate quietly.  :o

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