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Dd8 does not want me to teach Primary Mathematics 2B


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She just wants to do it herself. Usually she gets it, but occasionally (like today) she's not doing things with the Singapore methodology. I intervene to re-orient her, and she eventually does it but becomes...unpleasant.


It's very frustrating. 


It would seem a mistake to change to another program if this is working for her but I know this is not the best way to implement it.  :glare:

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There is an online Singapore program called Math Buddies. Maybe have her do that plus the practices in the textbook and either the workbook or the Intensive Practice book? http://www.mconline.us/LEAD/login/content/ps_mb_1.html


Thanks for the link. I hadn't heard of Math Buddies before. We are using the U.S. edition but we'll be moving on to 3A soon, so it might be a time to make a switch and then we can use it...and hope there's not a mutiny!

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