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HELP with Math please! Newbie transitioning to homeschooling with special needs kiddo!


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Anyone used online math courses only? We're going to try online math from home, my daughter's school is paying for it, and the rest of her schooling will still be physically at school (for now). This will give us a taste of virtual schooling (in her hardest subject, too) before possibly doing a complete virtual schooling for her next year. I'd like to transition to full homeschool once I'm comfortable with it.

Her abilities test at above average and superior (IQ, processing speed, perceptual reasoning...) but she struggles hard in Math. I think she has learning disabilities. She has numerous neurological disorders (Tourette syndrome, sensory processing dysfunction, and I'm pretty sure Dysgraphia). She's almost 9 and in 3rd grade, but her Math has gaps starting in 2nd grade curriculum. Her school switched to Everyday Math in 2nd grade and we HATE it!!!

Looking at Calvert, K12, Jedi, and International Connections Academy (private). It seems like most online virtual are full enrollment and we just need math.

Also, I think she'd do better with a more mastery type program than spiral. Some review would be good, but she works better with mastering topic by topic rather than dipping into multiple topics and then coming back to expand them.

What about Singapore math? Any reviews on "Math in Focus" from Calvert?

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I have a seizure disorder and suffered some brain damage a couple years ago, that really affected how I do math. My brain has healed some, but still…I can feel the difference. I'm giving your situation some thought, and want to do some more thinking. Also I don't have much more time online today. Just know I'm thinking, even though I'm not immediately responding.


I'm really glad you started a second thread on math, as well as your general thread. Again, welcome! :grouphug:

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There may be more going on with Everyday Math, than the fact it is spiral. Don't give up on spiral yet. Maybe put it aside for a little while, though, to let her get her confidence back with something that is different in every way.

What is your library like? Can you get books though ILL? What do you think about a lot of math picture books for a little while?

Have you heard of Arithmetic Village? Most of it is free now.

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I don't think it has to be online. I guess I need further information from them. Math U See and Math in Focus are the 2 I'm really interested in. I've been reading a lot of good about Math Mammoth too but haven't looked into it a ton yet. There's so many flooding my brain o.O Augh!

Here's my predicament: If at-home goes great, but me being the primary teacher does NOT, then we would need to try public virtual school. If so, it'd be nice to have her on the same program she'll be starting now, rather than switch again.

On the flip side, if at-home doesn't work at ALL for her (for full curriculum), then we'll be in public B&M and I'll be fighting every year to continue being able to teach her Math myself at home (unless they happen to switch to the same program, which is highly unlikely). I have no idea what my chances of achieving this are.

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