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Post WW2 documentary suggestions please

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We're in the homestretch of our American history year :). I need a few more documentaries to round out dd's reading.

I do not need anything about the Civil Rights struggle (we have Eyes on the Prize to watch) nor about the Vietnam War itself (covered last year in modern history).

I also have an American Experience about Rachel Carson and Silemt Spring.

Dd is not one for documentaries focusing on a president's term in office. Those can wait until AP US History.

Thanks :)

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We're also just doing the Space Race.  We watched a BBC documentary called the Space Race, and one on Apollo 13 (I meant to have her watch the movie, but ended up getting a documentary by the same name from the library by mistake.  It was good).


Prior to that we just watched The Missiles of October.


We're actually doing Modern World History, so a bunch of my other films are not US-related.  Looking ahead, other than Vietnam, the next US-centric film will be The Revenge of the Nerds.

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BBC's 1940's House  (excellent)

A League of Their Own (Hollywood film about Women's baseball during WWII, based on true story)

Farewell to Manzanar (A Japanese family in a California Internment camp)

How meaty do you want to get?  The Longest Day is a good film, Saving Private Ryan etc- Not documentaries, but based in reality. Then there are about a million documentaries on Nazi Germany on YouTube and Netflix


One of my fav documentaries has a name I can't recall, but it is about the bombing of London-  as the city  burned and crumbled around them, Londoners kept looking to St Paul's as inspiration.  As we now know,  it was left standing.


An incredibly brilliant, but horrendously sad film with Alan Arkin (otherwise all actors are European),  is entitled Escape from Sobibor, and is based on the only 'successful' escape from a concentration camp. I think a mature 13 yr old could watch this.  It's on YouTube.


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