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sample standardized tests

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Sometimes when I get in a compare-y or not very confident kind of mood, I think about having the kids do a standardized test of some sort.  I am pretty terrified that they'd do poorly though.  I think I think that just because our curriculum seems to have started out pretty mildly.  I think it will get more challenging but I feel like kids in public schools, the ones taking these tests, have learned more than my kids did this year.  Maybe I am completely wrong though!


Anyway, that wasn't really the point of my post.  I wondered if there were any (free) kind of practice tests online or just something I could use to maybe get them used to taking a test and just to see what they have learned this year.


It's my first year so I think that accounts for a lot of my worry.  I guess I have those books in my head too though - the "What your ____-grader Needs to Know."  I haven't looked at the first grade one yet but I'd like to.  I just want to make sure they are learning what they need to learn.


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