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English/ Reading help.. advice... please


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My son is 10 yrs old with apraxia. We will be finished the 2nd level of All about Reading and All about Spelling by the first of June. He's doing good some days not great it just all depends. I'm a farmer's wife and farm with my husband so when the sun comes I get busier. We had a busy winter with lambs and school fell behind. I don't want to take the summer off with my son when it comes to Reading/ English, he has come so far. I am debating about using Bob Jones distance learning and starting it the first of June. My thoughts is that with all the other subjects done we/he can focus on Reading and English. Instead of watching video's he can watch his English and if he gets stuck I can help. I have the Reading 4 books and it looks as though it will be a good fit,some might be a bit tough but some stuff he can do. I talked to the homeschool consultant at BJU and she thought grade 4 would be a good as well. We have done some grammar through Rod and Staff so he is not foreign to that. He does well with spelling, I think its because of all our years in speech therapy making sounds, watching how your lips move etc... Am I on the right track, or am I way out in left field. We've used the distance learning before and he enjoyed it.  Advice anyone. :confused1:

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