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which graphing calculator?

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DS will be taking Geometry next year and likely pursuing Engineering (so cal, chem etc in the future). Right now he has a DH's very old TI scientific calculator for Alg 1. Looking for a calculator that will last him through high school.



Obviously want one that will work for ACT/SAT (however I guess he could still use his old scientific cal for that).





suggestions? Does a graphing calculator have all the stuff a scientific one has? Hoping to just have him carry one.

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You do not actually need a graphing calculator for high school math (unless you take AP calc which has some problems that require one). You do not need a graphing calculator for the ACT/SAT either, and not even for the SAT subject test in math - a scientific one is just fine.


And yes, a graphing calculator can do all the things a scientific one can, it is just a lot more time consuming to learn how to use one.

I'd make the choice based on what his college recommends for the engineering majors.


ETA: A student going into geometry should NOT use a graphing calculator for any geometry graphing; he should learn to do it by hand.

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I agree. A TI-90 is such overkill for the SAT and kids rely on them so much they get lost on simple things. Get a Casio scientific like:



or this one for under $10:



This is what DD used on the Math SAT 2 subject test and for her calculus based physics courses at the university.

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