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Educating the rocket team on the difference between technical writing and creative writing. WOW!

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All I can say is that our publicly and privately schooled team members have ONLY been exposed to creative writing and book reports. Sigh... no scientific or business writing. Character sketches comparison/contrast paragraphs, short stories, no essays at all, simple poems....the closest thing they've come to any kind of "report" is book reports; they stopped doing those a few years ago.

One of the juniors, and two of the sophomores have never written an outline. If I said that the learning curve for pulling together both a written and powerpoint presentation on their engineering process is steep, I would be making quite an understatement. My 17 year old is taking the lead and he NEEDS this lesson in patience and leadership.

One thing I just heard him say, "Scope creep people!!!!Scooooooope Creep! If it's not on the outline, we have to stop trying to weasel it in! Six minutes folks, six minutes...that's all we have for the oral presentation." He looked over at me with a look of panic, and I just grinned and waved, mean rockt mother that I am.

I just inwardly weep that supposely college bound students in my local PS's can be honor roll students taking reportedly college prep classes and not know how to form an outline nor understand the fundamental difference between a short story and an overview of a design and engineering process. God Bless the college writing professors of the world.

On another note, I have been dubbed, "The human thesaurus!"

My hope is that despite just being an educational blip in these kids educational lives, some of this will stick with them.

(On a proud mommy note, my 13 year old with the lisp that has never been fully resolved through speech therapy, agreed desite his great fear of public speaking, to take a small part in the oral presentation and this is no small thing because he will have to rehearse a lot so he'll be clear when nerves hit.)

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This sounds like it will be a great learning experience for both of your sons.


On another note, I have been dubbed, "The human thesaurus!"


We must be related.  For years, my daughter considered me a walking, talking dictionary.




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