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Henle Latin

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I just got the books for Henle Latin from Memoria Press.  We have used their First and Second Form programs in the past with good results. The Henle program does not have any type of workbook, just a daily list of assignments, and only includes answers for some things. I have no background in Latin. I am very concerned about how well my ADD boys will do. If you have used Henle, can you please tell me how it worked for you. 

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I used in the second half of 9th grade for ds, who does not do well with languages.

It was...ok. 

I used the Memoria Press (I think!) assignments.


We dropped it after a good start that was followed by a period of limping along pathetically...lol.

I wish I'd picked something else. 


I'd prob do Galore Park if I were to do it again. 

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Henle is the only text I will teach from. But I took some Latin in high school. I've been using Henle since the 90s, when there wasn't much else that was affordable and available to homeschoolers with answer keys. When I teach Latin, I don't start it until after phonics is finished, and teach it as the core of ENGLISH studies, not as a foreign language.

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