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help deciding on a writing program?


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Can someone talk to me about a few writing programs?


My oldest will officially start 3rd grade in July. He is an older kid for his grade with an October birthday.


By end of May we will have finished FLL3, R&S English 2 (and started R&S English 3), R&S Spelling 2, and we've been working on writing using the WWE suggestions for narration, dictation and copywork through WWE 3. He has flown through all of this material this year without complication.


Next year I plan to continue with R&S English 3 and start 4 when we get there, R&S Spelling 3, and FLL4 if there isn't much diagramming in R&S English 3 and 4 (I haven't gotten these books yet so I'm just not sure- if there is a good amount of diagramming we'll not do FLL4).



I feel like we need a writing program next year as a guide as I teach him to write. I know how to write well as an adult, I'm just looking for a tool to use as I teach my son during the grammar and logic stages.



1. IEW- I'm having a hard time with the price tag on the DVDs to teach me how to teach my kid to write.  Is it totally worth the price tag (especially since I have 2 more kids who would go through it?)


2. CAP's Writing and Rhetoric. I wish I could put my hands on a copy of this to see exactly how it would work in practice day to day. What I can see online looks really good. Anyone with personal experience that can talk to me about how exactly you use it in your daily work?


3. Continue with WWE 4 for 3rd grade and then move into a writing program


4. Other suggestions?


I'm going to our local homeschool conference this weekend and hoping to talk with the IEW rep and hopefully put my hands on Writing and Rhetoric.


Thank you in advance!

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