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Sue in St. Pete et al. --about History at our House

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You're so in demand today! :)


I know you used this and have tried searching the board without much luck.  Maybe there's a better way than I know.  Because searching "history at our house" brings up every post with the words "history" and "house". :/  


I'm curious what grades you used them for and anything else you might think interesting or pertinent.  They seem to have great reviews elsewhere.  All in all I just want to make sure I'm getting a complete picture before I sign up and pay my money.  Their website isn't altogether helpful to me, but I haven't watched the video presentations yet.  Maybe that would clear everything up.


Thank you!



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We used HaoH in 8th and 9th grade for European and American History.  We stopped because in 10th grade, he doubles the prices, eliminates the 1x/wk live classes, and would not grade exams or provide answer keys for the exams for the non-live students.  It's a shame because the content of the class was outstanding.


This thread has lots of info in it and there are 2 tags at the top which will lead to more threads.  You may want to get in touch with radiobrain.  She planned to continue when we left, so she must have 5+ years of experience by now.

History at our House?? Opinions?



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I checked a bunch of back threads (using Google's site: search with "History in our House" in quotes!) and it doesn't look like there are very many recent ones. However, I did see that Vida Winter planned on using it last fall for Euro history


Thundersweet planned on using it, but ended up dropping it (2012/2013).


Those are the only two users who I could find posted that they planned on using it within the last couple of years. Good luck!

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