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Any recommendations for Algebra II and Geometry?  My dd is currently doing Algebra (from Keyboard Enterprises) with a tutor.  She doesn't really like the dvd portion of this curriculum much ( finds his explanations unhelpful, plus he doesn't show specific solutions to the problems), which is unfortunate because it is such a major portion of the program. My son used TT geometry, but wasn't crazy about it. He got on better w/ KE Algebra II than my dd is doing w/ Algebra I. Khan Academy isn't really a good option for us because we're rural and on satellite internet with bandwidth restrictions that videos generally blow out of the water :sad: .


So...any experiences you all have to share with various Algebra II and Geometry curriculums would be great.  I'm considering having her do both next year.



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That's interesting feedback about the Math Relief (Keyboard Enterprises) program. I've gone through the Alg I course with ds and I can't remember any times when he doesn't provide solutions to the problems on the video.  If anything my feeling was sometimes he belabors a point and provides too many examples. He also provides full written solutions to all the homework problems.  Nevertheless, if your dd isn't connecting with it - then it's not working for her. 


I think Lial's Intermediate Algebra would be your best bet. It's written to the student and follows a more standard topic progression than Math Relief. 


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I've heard good things about those classes from another homeschooler but unfortunately our satellite internet service allowance is prohibitive when it comes to downloading videos. Thanks for your suggestion, all the same!

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