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How do you formulate grades for your early elementary kids?


We do SM and we do the workbook pages together so by the end of it she would have an 100%. The Test she does on her own though.


Then we do LLTL and copywork doesn't really help with having something to grade. Some days we will do a page from Abeka LA.


We do use Abeka Science to kick start a subject but move on to library books, experiments and lapbooks to solidify it.


Sequential spelling will provide spelling test grades.


History is Homeschool in the woods is project based which I guess could help with grades but not many.



I just don't see how I am going to have much to turn in the way of grades to my umbrella school at the end of the year. How do you transform it all to something transcript worthy?



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My first thought when I saw the title is that I do not bother with grades, but I see you need to.

I would evaluate each subject. If you think they have Mastery of it, know it inside out and upside down, assign an A. If they are pretty darn good B, if they have learnt enough for you to move on, but just kinda average a C.


For things with percent.

90-100% is a A

80-*89% is a B

70-79% is a C


Hope that helps.

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When I had to turn in grades for my cover school, I just said "A" for everything. For one thing, we were ahead of grade level in most subjects, so I felt it fair that he get an A in his grade level if he's working 2+ levels up in that subject and mastering the material. But also, we don't move on until material is mastered, so it's really hard to get anything less than an A.

Elementary transcripts are meaningless, so I don't mind doing this at that point. Of course in high school, there would be real grades to go on a real transcript.

Note that when I had to report grades (once every 6 months), I didn't bother doing daily grades or calculating grades. I just said "A", since they expected letter grades like that. If there is a pass/fail grade option, I'd definitely do that instead of letter grades. I would not go through the trouble of grading daily work or other such nonsense if it's not required. For Singapore math, you could give the test at the end of the book and use that as your grade. Again, elementary grades are meaningless. No college will ever see them.

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