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Has anyone used AO LifePac for science?

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I am starting to look into high school courses for my ds and am trying to figure out science.

Has anyone here used AO LifePacs? I am looking at the grade 10 set as that is the one that covers biology.

Are these religious? Are they a decent high school level course or is there something better?

I see they have a DVD of the experiments. Has anyone used or seen these? Are they necessary?


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My dd used AO science in 7th grade. It was horrible, horrible, horrible.


Are you looking for something secular?


Yes, I would prefer something secular or at least not overly religious. I am just starting to look and I saw the DVD and thought that was a nice addition, but if the program itself isn't that good, I will continue looking.


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We've used the Astronomy and Geology LifePacs. They were ok, but I probably won't use them again with any of my other children. They are religious. My friend has the DVD of experiments for Biology and it's good.

God bless,



Thanks for sharing your experience. I think I am going to look for something else.

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