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Divorce...I need some supportive words of encouragement


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i'm sorry; it is simply hard.  


i ended up taking in boarders so i could keep my house.  that was a different kind of hard.


my mom had huge trouble being supportive of me thru divorce.  there were lots of good reasons, and some not good reasons, but it was what it was.


its like "going on a bear hunt" - we can't go over it, under it or around it.  we just have to go through it.


and you can.


and you will come out the other side



:grouphug:  :grouphug:  :grouphug:



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If you don't have a lot of liquid resources (checking/savings accounts), you might want to consider applying for food stamps, at least until you are getting regular child support.  Requirements may vary slightly by state, but things like your house and 401k accounts will not be counted.  You can google your county's name and "snap benefits."  If you poke around, you can find income and other basic eligibility requirements.  If you are paying for your children's medical coverage, you might find help through a state program (that you can probably apply for at the exact same time/place as the SNAP benefits).  You can usually file an initial application online too.


Hard stuff.  I'm so sorry. :grouphug:

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