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How much would you expect SWB High School Ancient History?

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So here is the deal. I picked up History of the Ancient World and Study Guide for my oldest son to do next year for 9th grade. I was still figuring out what we might do for my 6th grader who finished SOTW 4 two weeks into the school year. This boy devours history. He's watched every YouTube, Amazon and Netflix History program/documentary I've been able to find. He's read quite a bit of the 1,000 children's history books at our local library. I'm a bit reluctant to let him loose in the adult section just yet. After skimming SWB's book I felt he could handle the content.


So how much output would you require of a 6th grader doing HotAW in terms of the study guide? We will def. not be doing the map work IV exercises (he is not artistic and this would cause a lot of frustration and tears on both our parts).


His writing (putting pencil to paper) skills are slight below grade level due to a vision impairment and sever fine motor delays. He can now write about 1 wide rule page worth writing in a day plus his daily penmanship practice page. We have writing for his English program, about 1/2 a page two to three times a week, plus min. writing in science each week maybe a full page in a week.


There are three sections of questions in the study guide. We did the first chapter questions orally and he had no issues with understanding the material.


So I guess my big question is how much writing would you expect from a child who basically just learned to write at the beginning of this year? How much would you do orally? Do any of you have other ideas on how to prove mastery? He is not big on the AG projects for the elementary level material.


And it isn't my desire to slow his sponge brain down, just to show the state should they ask, that he has mastered the material.



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If you have to have some "output".  Why not have him create a video where he tells or acts out some of his favorite stories.  Or have him create a Time Travelers video log where he pretends he's traveled to different time periods and reports the news and events for each period.  Or even have him learn power point and make his project a presentation about the history he learned.  "output" can take many forms. 

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I have not seen the high school series yet (so far from being there!), but in general, I assign my writing phobic son what I think he can write, occasionally pushing him a bit to stretch him. So in your case, I would not give high school level writing assignments. I would give him assignments based on what he is learning in writing and expect output at his level.

So for example, if my history program said my son should do a 5 page research paper on a particular topic, I'd assign a written narration or one to two paragraph report on the topic, because that's what his little 4th grade hand is capable of doing at the moment (and like your son, typing isn't any faster here... yet). We'll get to 5 page research papers later. He can read a higher level book without writing at the higher level right now.

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