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Spanish course as a High School Credit???

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I've been told that Rosetta Stone is not a good option as it does not meet the High School requirement.

Meeting the High School Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 credits is my first goal for him.

I would like my son to be able to communicate with native Spanish speaking people as there seems to be a greater need for that at this time. However he has no plans to live in a Spanish speaking country at this time.


So our two biggest issues are that it needs to meet the Foreign Language requirements (so I guess that includes a grammar section). And two that it can be done on his own as I only took conversational Spanish in HS and Dh took Spanish 1 & 2 more then 20 years ago and hasn't really used it much other then at the grocery store on occasion.


I am not opposed to using 2 programs if they are not expensive and work together well. But one program would be better. Any and all suggestions welcome.

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Before you jump in too much, decide if you want Latin American Spanish or Castilian (Spain) Spanish.  The two are different.  It won't make or break him, but Castilian is definitely not the same.  Any good program or tutor should be able to differentiate.  Some try to combine both, and it can work.  However, since it seems you are looking for more usage in the United States, you might want to consider Latin American Spanish.

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