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Getting SUPER confused!!


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This is a follow-up to the thread I posted on recommendations for a spelling program.


I just realized today, that I am teaching two different subjects. I bought the R&S English 2 program which included the Phonics also. Since they look EXACTLY the same, I thought they were the same thing until today when I realized the two different teachers manuals and the workbook differences.


So now, we have English (which is mostly sentence structures) and phonics (which is letters and their sounds, vowels and so on).... 


My questions is: Do I still need something for spelling?If so, should I stick with R&S or can I go with something else like AAS?


In my brain the phonics and spelling are overlapping one another. We tried some of the R&S spelling and it's awful, just don't like it. However, I do not want to confuse them by teaching the R&S phonics and english and then incorporate another curriculum for spelling. 



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