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What do you do when your kids are sick and you are supposed to have people over?

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Last Friday we were supposed to have about four homeschool families over for a valentine's cookie decorating play day. We got snowed in and had to postpone. I postponed it for this Friday, but yesterday dd was running a fever and was achy so I took her to the Dr. today and she has influenza. Do I just cancel it or postpone it again or just assume by Friday she will be better? I know disappointment with not being able to do things we want is part of life. I am willing to just cancel it or postpone it again, but how many times do I keep postponing. I'm just wanting others opinions. Thanks,


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I, without a doubt, cancel. I truly would hate to spread something like that to others. Even if others don't have the same consideration, I would still cancel. If I went to someone's house in which there were ill ones, we would turn around and leave. It is disappointing to have to cancel fun stuff, but spreading illness and such is really yucky! Sorry you have the cruds at your house.

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I had to cancel our homeschool group's craft day last month (it's at my house) because dd was sick. I felt terrible about it, especially the last-minute notice, but the other moms were very understanding and sympathetic. I think they appreciated the thought of not passing those germs around. We've been canceled on now & then too, and it is disappointing, but better sad than sick! ;)

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