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Literary Guides - Memoria Press OR Veritas Press?

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I'll throw one more in the mix for ya.  =)  Progreny Press!  I haven't used the others you have mentioned, but I have been pleased with the guides we have used from Progeny Press.  My ds hates the physical act of writing, so the interactive format of these guides allowed him to type his answers directly into the computer.  Sorry, I know that doesn't really help! 

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I have used several Memoria Press lit guides, and I really liked them.  A friend once let me borrow a VP lit guide, and I was very disappointed in it - it was just comprehension questions, that was it.  In my opinion the MP guides are much better - the discussion questions and extra assignments take the study so much deeper than simple comprehension questions do.

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We've used the MP (the D'Aulaires Greek Myths), VP (Narnia, Hobbit, several others) and Progeny Press (Bowditch and a few others) lit guides over the years.  Generally, if I have to choose one brand, it would be VP.  There is no separate teacher's guide to buy, as with MP, and there isn't as much work to do for each chapter, as with PP.  The VP questions are pretty straight-forward, whereas the PP guides include a large number of thought-provoking, more open-ended questions, which can be frustrating for some students.  If these are used in discussion instead of as writing assignments, that might help.  IMO, PP tends to beat the book to death with too many questions and writing assignments, but you can easily have your kids skip some questions to make it a reasonable work load.


The one MP guide I used with both kids --D'Aulaires' Greek Myths-- I did like.  It had map work in addition to the usual vocabulary and reading comprehension questions.  Plus the teacher's guide includes tests to give.  This was fine for 5th/6th grades, but I wouldn't love using this with a 3rd grader.  Also, MP has recently come out with guides to go with much more advanced lit, like The Divine Comedy and The City of God, which the other brands don't have. 







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You will get more out of the MP guides by buying just the teacher's guides and using them as discussion. Any guides are really just a bunch of questions to answer.


At your dd's age, reading together and doing narrations is good enough. I hate paying for a bunch a comp. questions. Seriously, they made my boys hate reading.


Also, Logos Press has some, too. I have used their booklist for years but none of the guides, though.



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