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ADHD/ADD. Most productive curriculum/routine/schedule??

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Guest CDSmoak

My son is a bit younger and we are just starting out on the road of ADHD but I wanted to give you some ideas to start with.  The best thing psychologist told us was that my son was very left brained and visual.  This was very helpful for me to google.  


My son is fairly happy with Time 4 Learning math & english.  I use unit studies (Konos) for other topics.  I try to include as many TV, YouTube videos and songs as possible.  He often memorizes these easily and yet can't remember most things I read to him.  


I hope you fine something that works for your son.

Good Luck,

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Mine is inattentive ADHD. He likes cut and dry lessons with defined requirements and questions. Nothing open ended.


He likes narrative style reading such as Story of the World.


Loves documentary shows.


Too many projects and flashy look here, look there distracts him. So, quick to the point lessons and then breaks for basketball, drawing, etc. Works best.


We give some play time in morning. Eat a second breakfast or early lunch and get started around 11am

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