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Need basic math facts resources

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I've messed up.  I've allowed my 11yo dd to continue in MUS without getting her basic facts down.  I mistakenly thought that she would pick things up as we went along.  Lesson learned.


So, we're putting away the math book for the rest of the year and focusing on memorizing the basic facts.


I'm going to print some worksheets from the MUS site.


I'd love some other resources.  Fun games, drill sheets, word problems, apps, anything.



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Sterling Math facts works really well for my kiddos - the ones that pick it up quick, and the ones that need more time. It's like flash cards, but on the computer. You can customize everything about it. It really helps kids because it uses all three learning styles (audio, visual, and kinesthetic). You can set how long it takes to time out, so initially if they need a bit more time, you can give them like 8 seconds instead of 2-4 (what most programs give). Later on as they get better you can reduce the time. It's a $15 one time purchase, and you can use it for unlimited users.

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 To confirm, yes, xtramath is free and a "smart" flashcard program that remembers what facts your kid needs to work on and reviews those more often.  It is extremely parent-friendly with clear progression charts of how your child is doing.  It takes 5-7 minutes each day.  My son started the addition with a score of 12/100 and now is at 97/100 after about 2 months of daily use. 


TimezAttack also has an addition game, but we use only the multiplication game.  I decided to pay for the more exciting graphics, but the basic program is complete and free. 


In our home, xtramath is done first, and timezattack is only done after xtramath, since my son is under the impression that timezattack is fun.  :-)  He is now in the final level of timezattack, with about 6 facts left to memorize before multiplication mastery as well, also done in about 2 months of daily game playing for 15 minutes.

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I was watching a Circe video by Andrew Kern and he suggested how great a few minutes a day of math fact timed drill is so important all the way through high school. He also mentioned how much he liked Calculadder.  I searched for it and found the company.  I bought both complete levels of Calcupak on download.  So, my 1st grader and my 7th grader are using it and it is their favorite part of the day lately. Highly recommend!

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Timez Attack 


We play math games...math war is great. It's like regular war but you have to add, subtract, multiple or divide two cards and then the highest (or lowest) number wins. You can play with regular cards which is nice. 


7Ate9 is another fun game for addition/subtraction facts. 



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