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Sonlight American History Part I - Questions from users

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I have an older edition of this curriculum sitting on my shelf and I am thinking of using it with my 11 year old daughter next year. She could use the time to improve her reading skills and grow in independence before starting with Heart of Dakota Creation to the Cross the following year. Anyhow, I am a little confused about the readers. I see their are Advanced Readers and Regular readers. Some of the titles overlap, so I am guessing the Advanced Readers are just more books read at a faster pace. My question is this: I will be including my 8 year old son in our schooling, and I would be using the regular readers with him. He is not really reading very well yet and would be unable to read these on his own. So I noticed that the readers are not lined up. For instance, regular readers starts with Pocahontas and the advanced readers start with "A Lion to Guard Us". Later she would be reading Pocahontas so I am wondering if it will be confusing?


Any thoughts or advice?




PS I would like to add videos/websites/activities to this so if anyone knows of a website that has some of this already laid out, I would be grateful!

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How important is following the schedule to you? If it isn't (it isn't to me, its more of a guide) I would have both read off the regular list together, following the start dates in the guide. I would let both read at their own pace, maybe 30 minutes instead of x number of pages.this lets them shares the story together, and talk about the characters/setting. And as your older finishes give her one if the advanced books to fill in time before the next book starts. (unless they are competitive, in which case that is NOT what is do. I wouldn't want to frustrated him when he can't keep up).

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