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Thinkwell Biology

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I was planning on dd using Thinkwell for Biology next year. She did Miller Levine Biology first semester this year and ICP in 8th grade, but has not had a full credit of Chemistry, just the half credit found in ICP. We used DIVE and Prentice Hall Concepts in Action for ICP. Is that enough? She is planning on Chemistry after AP Biology. I know switching that would make life easier, but she hates chem and loves Biology and really wants to do it this way. Do I need to force the issue or is the light chemistry background she has enough?


She will probably not take the AP exam at the end of the class if that makes a difference.


Thanks in advance for any input.

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Chapter 2 of Thinkwell is all biochemistry, and might be a struggle to get through without much chemistry background.  I don't know how much ICP covers...  What you might do is look (along with your dd) at the Table of Contents for AP Bio on the Thinkwell site.  If half or more of the topics in 2.1 through 2.3 (the inorganic chemistry part) ring a bell for her, then she'll probably be okay.  The rest is organic chem which high school chem would not have covered anyway.  If she's not going to take the AP exam, then it's probably okay if she doesn't completely understand Ch. 2.  Just have her get as much as she can from it. In any case, I'd suggest she have her ICP text, and maybe another high school chemistry text on hand so she can look up and spend a little more time on any inorganic chem concepts she doesn't understand right away.


Hope this helps!


ETA: And yes, as the pp points out, Thinkwell may not be well aligned with the new AP Bio test (it is, after all, their college biology course), so I'd be a little nervous about actually attempting the AP test after this course.

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I've read that complaint in quite a few reviews of Thinkwell - no matter what the subject. I'm hoping the fact that dd is already well grounded in Biology and will supplement with Campbell's Biology (AP level) will keep it from being an issue. Video or live instruction is absolutely her best method for learning and I really like the Thinkwell Biology videos from the sample.

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