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Grade 12 Social Essay Topic.

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DD16 is taking a grade 12 social studies class in school. She has an essay assignment, and we're really struggling with it.  We spent hours researching it, and she has started writing, however, in talking with a friend, who is a Social studies teacher, he feels she has approached it completely wrong.


I thought that we have some great minds here, maybe we can get another point of view.

  • Here is the full assignment:


    To what extent should we embrace the ideological perspectives(s) reflected in the source.

    Write an essay in which you:

    - analyze the source to demonstrate an understanding of the ideological perspective(s) reflected in the source.

    - establish and argue a position in response to question presented

    - support your position and arguments by using evidence from your knowledge and understandings of social studies



    Source: Political realists believe that the implementation of the principles of democracy in the twenty first century is impractical. The economic and social costs of allowing for the free play of conflicting opinions is prohibitive. Advocating a practical political system, realists reason that to expect political institutions to be totally responsible to the participants is not possible. Moreover political leaders cannot be expected to be totally responsible to the electorate. While the principles of democracy are sound in theory; application of the democratic principles in a modern political system is not attainable.


The instructor outlines how she wants the essay written. What should be in the introductory paragraph. 2nd, third etc.


How would you interpret the source? We are trying to analyze it. And looked up what political realist is, how they think, etc. Found examples of where democracy has failed, where it is succeeding. 


Thanks, Social Studies is not something I am good at, never was..lol. so this is so beyond me.

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