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What are (easier) gr. 10 math programs that remove me as teacher?

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I was set on TT as we've used it before quite successfully, but now she's wondering what else is out there, and I just don't know. She is not strong in math (she can get an 85 with a little blood, sweat, and tears) and needs some extra hand holding and time to absorb. Is there a grade 10 math program that I wouldn't have to teach? Or grade?   :blush:

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Could I just toss out that the algebra 1 (I assume that's what your dd is doing) really did require some blood sweat and tears from my dd?  If she didn't make a mid-90s score, I told her to go back, mainly because the math is so cumulative and builds, kwim?  And there were a LOT of lessons where she'd watch it, pause, rewind.  LOTS of that.  Same thing with the chem.  


Sometimes we get the impression that these curricula (TT, videos for chem, blah blah) are so easy that kids will just fly through them.  I'm saying they've been HARD WORK for dd.  I don't know if some changes in technique like that would bring it into reach for your dd, but I'm suggesting it might be a shift or a surprise for her to realize that's necessary.  You might go back to the last place she was scoring in the 90s and re-do the lessons, pausing, rewinding, redoing problems till she gets those scores up.  That's what it takes for my dd, and she's no dumb cookie.  It's just harder than the pre-algebra was.  

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Agreeing with OhElizabeth. Some students struggle all through high school math AND require a LOT of individual help and tutoring to get through it. Handing these students an "easier" or "independent-working" math program and expecting that will fix the problem will not work 9 times out of 10.


I had to walk CLOSELY through high school math with our math struggler, and he also needed to do Alg. 1 twice with 2 different programs before it "clicked"--- 9th grade = Jacobs Algebra and 10th grade 1st semester = Math-U-See Algebra 1. Even tougher -- it took going through Alg. 2 three full times (took us all of 11th grade AND all that following summer) -- stopping when he was losing understanding, backing up and redoing the program till we got to the new section and moving forward, getting through about 6 lessons, losing it, backing up… rinse, repeat...


You might try the free tutorials from Khan Academy and/or Online Math Learning to help as you wrestle through the math this year, and just decide to take the extra time she needs, and go into the summer with math...



Is there a grade 10 math program that I wouldn't have to teach? Or grade?   :blush:


- hire a tutor

- online class (My Homeschool Math Class, taught by Jann in TX of this board, comes highly recommended)

- trade out with another homeschooling parent -- they do math with your DD, you do a subject you are strong with 

- outsource and take as a single class at public/private/charter school (if allowed)


If you're thinking a switch to a different program might "click" better, you might take a look at a video or visual-based program:

- Kinetic Textbooks

- Math Relief

- Video Text



BEST of luck in finding what helps you all get through the math struggle! Warmest regard, Lori D.

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You might look at supplementing with something that you can both work through together to help solidify the concepts.  My working WITH the kids, even in areas I was terribly weak, has helped all of us, even if the subject matter can sometimes be intimidating.


Honestly, math is not my strong suit but I have found that one of my issues with Algebra was weakness in critical areas like fractions and decimals.  I am going back now and doing the Key to Fractions and Key to Decimals series of workbooks to help out.  The following things are also helping me to help my kids through Pre-Algebra and Algebra:  Even if you didn't want to do any of these with her, they might help her to move through high school level math more easily:


Hands on Equations (awesome!!)

Real World Algebra by Edward Zaccaro

Working With Algebra Tiles (book and magnetic tiles)

Practical Algebra: A Self-Teaching Guide by Peter Selby and Steve Slavin


As others have mentioned, Khan Academy videos are free and might help.


Also, Foersters Algebra coupled with the Math Without Borders DVD instructional videos might be worth a shot.  Get a used copy of the Prentice Hall version.




And if she were to run through the Key to Fractions, Key to Decimals, Key to Algebra  workbooks that might also really help her.  



Honestly, I have found that most people who talk about struggling with Algebra were in the same situation I was.  They could function in fractions, decimals, percents, etc. but they had not mastered those.   And without mastery of those, Algebra is a lot harder, IMHO.


And I agree with OhE and Lori, high school math is challenging for many.  She may need a lot of help and several runs through her math courses to achieve real understanding.


Best wishes and good luck!

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Thank you everyone for your responses. I should have clarified that she has been in school for 3 years and returning home for grade 10 next year. I agree Algebra is deserving of blood, sweat, and tears, and perhaps she will have to have that shift in thinking for next year. I will look into each resource mentioned, thank you so much!

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