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Supplementing Saxon math


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So, I really do like Saxon Math. Not so much the script, but the way it teaches the concepts & the spiral method. HOWEVER, dd & I both hate the worksheets (we are in Saxon 1 this year, btw). I don't really feel they are necessary, at least at this level, and they're too repetitive! However, dd does generally like worksheets & they help me asses how much she knows. So, I'm toying around with the idea of just getting the Teacher's Manual for Saxon 2 and some other workbook (1 idea is The Complete Book of Math or maybe Singapore Extra Practice workbook?). Has anyone else tried this or do you think it would be overkill? Any other fun, easy workbooks for 1st grade math?

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I've used Saxon with all of mine and, even after really trying Singapore, I caved and ordered the Saxon workbooks half-way through last year.  BUT, we totally supplement Saxon and use it to our liking.  Here's some of what we do:

  • I DON'T use the script.  That was really helpful my first year of homeschooling. In later years, I'd glance at it and teach in my own words.  Finally, I dropped it altogether.  
  • I choose which of the extras to do.  We always do the patterning, never do the calendar anymore, rarely do a coin cup exercise, etc.  This is because ds9 doesn't NEED it. If he needed extra practice, I'd add that back in. 
  • My kids only do side A of the worksheets.  
  • I often combine a lesson and then just circle the worksheet problems that I want ds to complete. Again, if they are extending the lesson or he needs more practice in an area, then it's circled.  If it's so redundantly unnecessary bc he gets it completely, then we're moving on.
  • We use the math fact practice sheets.  This is so critical to get those math facts down to absolute fluency. The worksheets and flashcards really help cement the math facts. 
  • We add in LOTS of extras -- books, games, Cuisenaire rods with Education Unboxed (LOVE THAT!), manipulatives, grocery store math, etc.  

So the morning starts with seatwork including the Saxon worksheet.  The afternoon includes hands-on math games and manipulatives that add depth and breadth to Saxon.


Hope that helps,


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