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AP and SAT Subject Test?

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Yes, he should. The US History SAT-2 is fairly similar to the APUSH.


The only catch -- he should definitely prep separately for both exams. They both assume a slightly different knowledge base, and they are different exams!


Some colleges require the SAT-2 and will not accept the APUSH in lieu of.


A score of 5 on an AP exam always helps college admissions. A score of 5 may receive college credit, which the SAT-2 will NOT.

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SAT Subject tests are used to verify that students are working at an acceptable high school level, and are required by a number of colleges for admission -- some require 2-5 SAT Subject tests from all students, some schools only require them from homeschoolers.


AP tests are used to show advanced level of working by high school students, and high scores can be granted college credit by some colleges, or at least open doors to the student to take honors-level college courses as a college freshman.


You would go ahead and take both, if your student is considering applying to a college that requires SAT Subject tests for admission.


Here's a past thread that explains AP and SAT Subject (also known as SATII) tests: AP and/or SATII tests?

And this past thread helps sort through when/why you might take one or the other: Subject Tests v. AP Tests

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