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How can one safely find pen pals for elementary students?

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I am teaching a letter writing class at co-op and I promised them pen pals, but I have no idea how to safely go about finding some.  I only need 3.  How do I connect the kids without giving their addresses out to total strangers?  The students are really excited about letter writing and they would love to have a pen pal from another state.


Any suggestions?  As parents, how would you like to see it done.


I should have researched this sooner, I'm running out of time.  I have researced a little bit on the internet, but am coming up with nothing.

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There was a thread, last year, where someone mentioned 2 web sites for finding pen pals. I think that person was looking for someone in Ireland.   I don't remember what the URLs for those web sites are.  How you, as a parent, would "vet" the people, to be sure your DC are communicating with another child their own age, and not some bad person, i don't know. Probably, as a PP mentioned, best to try here on WTM first. GL

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I found a penpal for my dd here on a recent thread.  She and her penpal write pretty much every week.  It has been a fun experience. :)


I think you could post here with general info on ages and interests (with parental permission), and then you can pass on the information to the parents.  It is a good practice to read letters which come from penpals to young children, I think, so you can encourage parents to do that.

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