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Combining Sonlight Core W with SOTW and/or IEW Ancients theme book


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I plan on using Core W in the fall with my boys and I plan on spreading it over two years, to allow for adding extras. I plan on adding SOTW and was wondering if anyone also adds in the activity guides and tests? Or would this be overkill?


Also, I was looking into adding IEW's Ancients theme book for writing. Has anyone combined Core W w/this?

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I would skip the activity books unless your kids are young, and I'm guessing that if you are doing Core F this year your boys are around 9-10?  My son is 11 and doing the history part of Core G this year and I did buy the activity book that went along with SOTW 1.  It was mostly activities for young children, lots of coloring, drawing, crafting, things he wasn't interested in.  The one thing I did get from it was it has a very good reading list to go along with each chapter.  We use lots of extra readers to beef up SOTW since I think the first one is written for a younger audience.  The books were categorized into early readers, junior readers, and I think there even may have been some young adult or teen readers listed.  It's nothing you couldn't come up with on your own, though, by looking ahead at the chapters they will read and checking books out at the library.


In Core G my son will finish two SOTW volumes, personally I don't think that buying two activity guides are worth it.  With a little work all of it is stuff you could come up with on your own.  I ended up selling it since it was like new and I only used it for the reading guides.


We don't do any tests, but this is our first year of homeschooling, so I wanted to give him a break from tests.


We did use the IEW Ancients writing book along with Core G lessons.  IMO, I think the theme books work best if you are also working through, or have already finished, the TWSS or SWI lessons.  We began with TWSS, but I kind of dropped it when he started with the Ancients.  There is only one or two lessons in the Ancients for each of the skills taught in TWSS and I wanted my son to have more practice.  We decided to go back to the beginning of TWSS and then use the appropriate Ancients lessons when we came to that TWSS lesson in addition to practicing with other materials.  I do think the lessons do a good job of reinforcing the history material while helping with mastery of the writing skills.


I'd be interested to see what others say since we are a first-year homeschooling family.  I always learn so much from this board!


P.S. we also use IEW Fix-It and Building Thinking Skills!  I'm always happy to see others using the same materials.  Makes me feel like I made some good decisions :)

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If you are planning on spreading it over two years, you might want to think about doing G and H instead of W since SOTW is already scheduled. We are doing G this year and it has been very easy to add in projects from the SOTW activity guide. (We don't do every project. I use the discussion question in the guide and the maps regularly and we complete one or two projects a week. My ds really enjoys the projects, but they can be time consuming). We also use IEW themes. (We did complete IEW A before moving to theme work, and I am glad we had this foundation.)

Honestly, using SL G with extra activities from the SOTW guide and IEW has been wonderful. It has been one of our best years for history.


As a side note, I had originally planned on using A Child's History of the World (used in core W) with the scheduled SOTW lessons. I quickly dropped A Child's History. Both texts are "easy" enough, but it felt like overkill when I tried putting them together.


Best of luck to you in your planning :)

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Thanks ladies. I'm rethinking using Core W and possibly going with core G and H. I remembered I already had the AG for the first SOTW book and it does look like it's for a younger crowd. My boys just turned 13 last week and we will be using this for 7th grade. Which is why I was thinking of Core W to begin with. We are finishing up SICC-A and I'm feeling confident enough to move on to the theme books, especially since I do own the TWSS.


Thanks for your advice!

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