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Easy Grammar Plus or Hake??

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Yikes...just lost my post.  I am needing a basic grammar, no formal previous instruction, for a 7th grader.  This child is easily frustrated with deep thinking school stuff.  That in itself would not deter me, HOWEVER, mother is the same way..ha!  As far as grammar instruction, I need something that is well laid out and easy to use for the student, preferably mostly independently.  Grammar is my weak area, in a major way 


We have tried AG and honestly it was very hard from the first page.  We need more of a slower step by step process, I think.


Thank  you!


Also..if you would use Easy Grammar, would you do Writing Strands for writing?

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Easy Grammar/Writing Strands would be my first choice. :-)


You'd want Easy Grammar Plus. And--believe me when I tell you this--you need to correct every page before your dc does the next one. *YOU* need to make the corrections, not your child.

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 If I get Easy Grammar plus what Daily Grams do I use with that do you know?


I had this question not long ago and e-mailed them.  Wanda e-mailed back and said that if the student scores above average on the assessment then they can use the Jr/Sr High Daily Grams (the green one).  If they don't score above average then use Daily Grams Grade 7.  I'm assuming the assessment is at the EG website...I haven't looked at it.



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