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Astronomy resources from a biblical perspective


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Since my family is secular I'm really only knowledgeable on secular resources for astronomy.  I know of some of the bigger name Christian worldview resources but I would love to get a list of ones some of you utilize.  It can be a curricula, website, blog, app, book, etc-- Or maybe you can tell me which secular resources are easily tweaked for your purposes.  For example- can you comfortably search around NASA's extensive sites?


Also, if you do list some resources can you share if it has a particular slant to old-earth or young-earth (or in this case, old-universe or young-universe).  


Thanks for your help!




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Jay Wile's blog, The Proslogian, sometimes hits astronomy. He'd certainly be a good one to ask for more resources as well.

I would only eliminate curricula and resources because they're fluffy, waste of money, bad fit for my family, and such. We just use good resources and discuss biblical perspective as it comes up.

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