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How important is order of science studies? Elemental Science


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We are currently in our first year homeschooling.  I am working on planning science for our daughters who will be in 2nd and 4th grade next year.  We are working through Elemental Science Biology for grammar right now.  We are planning on doing Earth Science next year.  But I am wondering how to continue.  The curriculum is slightly young for my older child each year but I have had no trouble in making it more challenging for her.  But when she goes in to 5th she should be in logic stage of the curriculum.  If I put her directly in to chemistry it would be for 6th and 7th graders rather than 5th graders.  I was thinking maybe it would be better for her to start back in biology in 5th grade for logic.  And then just go through the cycle twice.  Otherwise I am at a loss how to do it.  I could do all of them in grammar and then all of them in logic and just hit 2 or 3 in high school.  But can I give her high school credit for the physics in logic stage if she does it in 9th.  Plus then she wouldn't have high school level physics.  I'm assuming by the time we get there the curriculum will go through high school.  If not, I don't know what I will do.  I have time to figure that out.  I just don't want to be curriculum hopping every year.  So I am trying to find programs that will work for us all the way through.  We are working through the same issue in history as well. 



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